Every single day during rush hour I have to attempt the trek up the east hill to the st. Johns bridge. Every single friggin day I am stuck playing sheep to the slaughter with my fellow neighbors. No one is allowed to use the other lane!? MY GOD people, it's two f'n lanes! Are you so wrapped up in thinking youre doing some sort of favor to those that dont know how to merge that you will drive in the middle of the lanes as not to let the other lane be used? Are you such a " what's good for the goose, " douche that you would rather be stuck on a hill for fifteen minutes? You know who you are, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that has flipped you off before, but now I have full coverage on my car and am going to have to run you off the road! You can make it home in time to eat your bowl of dick skin oatmeal if you would just use that other lane! Idiot! I am not a sheep!