Last week I had my place broken into. I am sick & tired of us being attacked by people who don't care about anything except for themselves. We live in the same city. Walk on the same streets and this is what we get? It's not fair. I want to feel safe in my own neighborhood! We saw a suspicious van parked on our street (laurelhurst area).

I had to have another cleaner out to clean up the mess these jerks left behind. I was even afraid to have them in my house for fear of them being felons or something! How do you know?

I will say that my husband found a blog from a local cleaning & restoration company that made up a checklist of things to watch for. I don't like to give names but I will give the blog link for everyone who's interested. It's

To all of you losers out there, I am putting you on notice! I'm going to call all of you out, and let everyone know that you can get informed and take care of your neighborhood.