You're going to come on here and shit on the most disenfranchised group of people in America. Posting on the internet with your computer access from your office. Complaining because they are such a fucking inconvenience to you. I am so sorry they are such a problem for you when you walk to starbucks to get that latte during the 10 minutes a day you go outside downtown. Please go back to the suburbs and get a job there so you can sit around with people just like you. I hope you have a good time out there jacking each other off while you laugh at the victims of our country's piss poor attitude towards anyone who has been victimized to the point of losing everything they have. Addiction is a disease but thats beside the point. Shit loads of the homeless people are not addicted to drugs. They have been fucked over by banks and shit on by the politicians who claim to represent us. So please, get the fuck out of here and fuck yourself in the ass with a falcon man rammer in the back of your subaru.