...and TODAY is the one year anniversary that heavily armored FBI Terrorist Gestapo pigs smashed their way into my home at 6am, traumatizing my housemates, destroying parts of our house, and stealing property that they have YET to return, even though the federal D.A. handling this "case" declined to pursue criminal charges months ago (perhaps b/c they did not have jack shit). The FBI's military raid and storm trooper cosplay had less to do with law enforcement than the govt. and its big guns waving their micro-cocks around. And I also read all the nasty things many of YOU PEOPLE had to say about me in the days following (103 comments - that's a record, right?). Just so you know, I ain't mad 'cause I'm still here and kicking ass at life now. So to all of you who gleefully cheered on my supposed downfall... you can all fuck yourselves. Go fuck yourselves.