I was walking my friend's dog whom I was dog-sitting. I knew shoki liked to kick up dirt after peeing, but I never expected him to rudely intrude on your dinner like he did this one summer day. This whole thing happened so fast, I didn't know how to react.

You an your family were eating an early dinner when shoki decided to run up to your wood-chip garden and take a dump. I had a bag and I was expecting to clean it, but before I could he did his 'foot-kicking-at-the-dirt-thing" where shit and wood chips were propelled all over your porch, your yard, and your porch dinner table. Its been years since this has happened, but I apologize for the shit-show (and literally, it was a shit show).

The dog literally looked at you, smiled, then proceeded to walk with me. I grabbed him by the collar and we ran home. Although I literally laughed so hard that I peed myself, I really was (and still am) very very sorry.