A bout a year or so ago. I met a boy at a bar. He was tall dreamy everything you could want in a first meeting. Sadly i didn't live in Portland and at the time to shy to continue our fated chat or so I thought.

Half a year later I heard through a friend he would be at this function where a friend was dj ing . I thought this was my chance if indeed we were fated to meet again then this was the chance. I bought a new dress, did myself up right and waited for the right chance to speak.

I had to excuse myself to the ladies room from my friends as I was waiting in line at East End. I saw him leave the men's room I thought to myself "this is it this is the moment" and was filled with extreme giddiness like a school girl; Instead he brushed by me head down looking extremely awkward and uncomfortable.

I then walked into the bathroom and immediately realized why.

I was left with a huge bowl of frothy piss. My supposed soulmate was a man who couldn't flush his own piss..

..That was the last time I saw him and his frothy present.