I see you at least three times a week at the gym, punishing yourself. The profuse sweating, the grimace of exertion, the shortness of breath. Yet you still look just as overweight as that first day I noticed you back in November.

I can't imagine what you must eat when not at the gym; you must be pushing 300 pounds. It makes me sad that you are putting so much effort into your exercise program only to be "spinning your wheels" as it were. Hell, for all I know you are exactly where you want to be with your weight and the exercise regiment is just maintenance. It honestly is really none of my business. But if your goal was indeed weight loss you are most definitely doing something wrong. I'm just not sure how socially acceptable it is to tell a morbidly obese person that they probably need to eat less or better, somethings are just obvious.

Again, I probably should just mind my own damn business.