Washington state is in a dither over how to deal with now-legal recreational dope smokers driving around stoned out of their gourds—AS WELL THEY SHOULD BE. So in the name of "journalism"—let's stop and giggle about that for a moment... giggle. Giggle. Giggle.—Seattle's KIRO news asked three volunteers to get increasingly and completely baked and then drive around a closed course, accompanied by a cop. And the results may NOT surprise you! In fact, everything that you expect to happen does happen, and the drivers' ability to operate their vehicles safely disintegrates with every puff, puff, pass.

HOWEVER! I will admit that baked drivers are funnier than drunk drivers—as proven by test subject Addy, who runs her smart cute mouth during the entire demo, AND showed up to the test already high! Here's her extended cut, and you can watch the other participants here.