I don't know why I did it, but I that's neither here nor there. I used to do it on occasion, pick up a hooker here and there. I was younger then and it was before this whole meth thing hit the streets, so that hookers were "cleaner". I don't know why I did it 2 nights ago... yes I do. My girlfriend of 3 years and I had finally ended it, after slowing going back and forth for months. I was driving home on the 84 and decided to get off and cruise 82nd. I know it's not the hotspot for prostitution anymore, but I drove it anyway. I felt seedy, not that I had any intention of doing what I did. There she was though, a cute woman walking a little north of Halsey... I circled the block and she threw me that sign. My heart raced. I picked her up, said I was looking for date, negotiated a price and she took me to her room. $50 for a "straight", which was quick and I felt like shit afterwards. I felt horrible, like I had just gone back 15 years to the days of my youth, when I was lost, alone and desperate. Her name was Sunny, this hooker and she was nice enough, I guess. I asked her if she knew where to get some coke, she said yes, so we went to the nearest ATM and then bought some. We got high, fucked some more and now it seems like a dream. A bad fucking dream.