Because the film's distributors couldn't be bothered to tell critics—or, as far as I can tell, anybody—that Leos Carax's acclaimed Holy Motors was opening this weekend at the Fox Tower, there hasn't been much talk locally about what's otherwise one of the most talked-about films of the year. Except for right now, that is! Because I'm telling you that—surprise!—Holy Motors starts today at the Fox Tower! And it probably won't be here very long, so see it soon if you want to see it! My review, such as it is, is right here.

Who looks out for you guys, huh? Who gives you things no one else gives you, huh? Yeah. I do. You're welcome.

Related! Here's my favorite scene from the movie, which I talked a bit about in my review. This murky YouTube doesn't do it justice, but it's still one of my favorite sequences of film from 2012. Is it representative of Holy Motors as a whole? Sort of!