In the feast or famine world of retail we're in the middle of famine, with the long post-holiday winter slog upon us. And while the idea makes me uncomfortable, Emily Baker of Sword + Fern is opting out this year, with plans to remain shut until the end of February or thereabouts. Says Baker, "I have some fun tricks up my sleeve, YES.
Really really excited for 2013. I am turning some super hot irons and very happy about it. Store is TEMPORARILY closed from today until late ish Feb-ish March-ish first-ish. No confirmations yet. Main reason is that i am remodeling the interior of the shop in much needed ways cosmetically—mostly for efficiency of the space and to usher in a new vibe for S+F."

Phew. Baker's shop is one of the most inspired businesses in the city for accessories, home goods, apothecary, and assorted vintage finds. Sit tight and look forward to the reopening party.