As I've noted before, the best part of the Tri-City Herald's website is that it has an entire section devoted to the tattoos of Tri-Citizens. They're in the "Entertainment" section!


The last time I reminded you of this important fact, the subjects of the various tattoos included everything from Captain America to lupus. But those were the Tri-City Tattoos of 2012—which means that now, those tattoos are old and busted. Now it's 2013. Now it's time for some new hotness. The Tri-City Herald knows this. Of course the Tri-City Herald knows this. Let's do this.

Also, okay, fine: Is this—presumably the first—gallery of 2013 Tri-City Tattoos as impressive as the Tri-City Herald's earlier tattoo galleries? No. Or rather: Not yet. But remember this: 2013 is young..