People deal with rude people in different ways. For example, in this I, Anonymous submission, a lady scolds the writer for pouring coffee into the garbage hole on the counter—which actually really is in bad taste.

You (semi hot brunette, office slavedriver attire) and I arrived at the little creamer and sugar table at the same time. As usual the barista failed to comprehend my request of 'room for cream' so I poured about half an inch into the trash hole on the counter, which elicited a dramatic "Really???" from you.

How did the writer respond? Well, since this is from the I, Anonymous Blog, you can be safely assured that he responded to this minor slight in the MOST GRACIOUS WAY POSSIBLE. Read it for yourself. (And while you're there, drop off your own rant or confession in the I, Anonymous Blog—where you will certainly be scolded with a "REALLY?")