Okay. So this guy is afraid he may have accidentally impregnated his sister via some of his splooge he left on the toilet seat. (????) But what's super hilarious is that he thought it would be smarter to ask readers of the I, Anonymous Blog for some advice, instead of Dan Savage. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Do I tell her? How could I? If I wait too long and my suspicion proves to be true, then it'll be even worse. But if I tell her now, it will just be a fucking disgusting thing to tell your sister, but at least she could go get tested or something. This is some fucked up shit. I was going to write Dan Savage, but that might take too long. Any advice will be much appreciated.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Okay, now this person is hands down the DUMBEST person to ever grace the I, Anonymous Blog. Can you top him? I SINCERELY DOUBT IT. But... go ahead and try! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!