Don't get it twisted! This guy doesn't hate gays... he just hates PEOPLE.

So the other week walking home on 28th being in my usual deep well of self loathing I see a happy couple walking the other way. Just the damned perfect picture of happy couple arm in arm. Now my only thing with guy on guy is the beards, that just, i don't know but only thing. Anywho I just glare hatred towards them. Could have been any couple, man-man, man-girl, girl-llama what ever, They were happy and i've been alone for too long. After you return fire i wanted to explain I hate you for being happy with someone. Not who that someone is.

MORAL: Watch who you glare at. (Especially "girl-llama" couples—I hear they spit.) Do you have a confession you'd like to make? Or perhaps a rant to get off your chest? Submit it to the I, Anonymous Blog—where hatred is usually confined to the human race.