UPDATE: Whoops! I got excited, and ahead of myself! Auction actually ends TOMORROW (Saturday, Dec 8) at 3 pm. Sorry about that, but the good news is that it gives you a skootch more time! BID! BID! BID!

Kids with critical health problems (think cancer, blood disorders, mental health issues) need all the help they can get—especially with keeping their mood jolly during the holidays! I can't imagine being in a hospital bed for the entirety of the holidays... especially when your friends are out having a good time and making memories. That's why the Children's Healing Art Project (CHAP) is so important! Not only do they provide art supplies and instruction to these kids and their families, they open up a doorway for these children to express themselves emotionally so they don't fall into a depressed introspection that could actually hinder their recovery.

DO YOU WANT TO HELP CHAP CONTINUE THEIR GOOD WORK? Then either donate here, or feel extra good by bidding on amazing wall art via the Mercury Cover Art Charity AuctionENDING TODAY TOMORROW AT 3 PM!!

Some of the best art that ever graced the Mercury are up for auction, and they make FANTASTIC (and affordable) gifts. And of course, all proceeds go to help CHAP. Here's just one example of the many great pieces you can get for a song!

  • Artist: Jen Corace

I absolutely adore this piece by Jen Corace, who is so talented, her work has graced the cover of the Mercury no less than five times. This would look great anywhere! Your living room, a kid's room—maybe even your office! And what's this? Currently it's only $77? If you're looking for great art, you'll never find better prices!

GET (or give) THE PIECE OF ART YOU REALLY WANT! Bid now and bid big in the Mercury Cover Art Charity Auction... and HURRY! It all ends today TOMORROW at 3 pm!