Oh god Portland City Council. You're bawwing about opportunities, addiction services and transition. Here's a thing, MAKE HOUSING AFFORDABLE. When condos are going up for $1 per square foot, making it so (if you take financial advice) your rent is 1/3 of your income, you need to make 6,000 a month to afford a two bedroom, you have a fucking problem. Since our city is full of awful low paying jobs and people are underemployed, no one can afford them.

But hey, let the developers tear down cheaper property so these mystical people who make 72,000 per year and aren't buying houses can rent something and totally miss any opportunity to provide for the under employed who make the average 40,000 year. While you're at it, let the same developers buy property and rip the leases from under long standing businesses to provide for hip ice cream shops and overpriced sushi. OH WAIT.

But hey that might break into your kickbacks and shady coding practices.