Remember Dick Armey, the guy who inspired an army of dicks to parade around in tricorn hats and call themselves a tea party? It seems he just left his own teabaggy think-tank, FreedomWorks, in a huff, and other members of the organization are following suit:

Several top FreedomWorks staffers are leaving the conservative advocacy group in the wake of former House Majority Leader Dick Armey’s resignation, the organization confirmed Tuesday...Armey, who served as FreedomWorks’ co-chairman since 2003, cut ties with the group in a tersely-worded email dated Nov. 30. But The Associated Press reported Tuesday morning that the terms of his resignation were set in September under a confidential contract that would compensate him with $8 million in consulting fees, paid in annual $400,000 installments.

Mother Jones published Armey's resignation letter. FreedomWorks, under Armey, has been the prime mover of the teabagger phenomenon and they did a decent job of making it appear to be a "grassroots" movement, rather than a pre-planned mainstream conservative attempt to kill Obamacare in the crib. The fact that Armey has taken his toys and gone home is HUGE news, and it doesn't bode well for Grover Norquist's threats of a Tea Party Part Deux. But don't feel bad for old Dick—that eight million dollar payout will probably ease his pain and heartbreak a little.