Geez, ladies, I've seen no improvement at all. You still marry, then play "Hide The Vagina", thanks alot. I talk to guys all the time and none of us are sore-dicks from chicks that finally fuck enough. Ever notice the 6 billion dollar porn industry, the abundance of prostitutes, and the strip clubs all over trying to compensate for your lack of crotch knowledge? The sexual revolution was in the 70's and you've consistently made it harder to gain vaginal access since then. Why so tough on us? We have made the move: there're Metrosexuals, we advanced into stay-at-home Dads, more pay child support. For women, there're toy classes at She-bop, Zestra for arousal issues, tingly lube for "her" and Skeens glands squirt classes proving some few women have advanced, but not you. Since John Gray wrote Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus in the 80's, documenting 30% of women as inorgasmic, you haven't picked up the ball and ran with it hardly at all. In the 1800's a man never saw a vagina until the Wedding Night. Porn filled that gap in the 1970's. Analogy for ya: In 1975 the Vietnam war ended, no more draft, thats better, right? Women used to not be able to vote. Now, you can....that's better, amirite? Remember Beta? 8-tracks? VCR's? It all got better accept vaginal access. Thanks Fifty Shades for allowing women to fantasize she can access a guy that's a quadra-bajillionaire that's 28 and hot. Good luck with that. Four decades of worse access. Thanks for nothing.