Hey! While watching The Walking Dead last night, I uttered the following ultimatum: "Oh no. OH NO. If they go there, I swear to Christ I will stop watching and never watch this show again!!" Did they go there? Find out after the jump where I will also be recapping last night's episode filled with spoilery spoilers! LET'S GET THAT CHITTY-CHAT ROLLING!

Whether pre- or post-apocalypse, ponchos are always in style.
  • Courtesy AMC
  • Whether pre- or post-apocalypse, ponchos are always in style.

So here's what I'm thinking about last night's episode, "Say the Word":

1) It begins in the lesbian liberal-arts school of Woodbury where Guv'nah Morrissey is gently combing his adorable daughter's hair... WAIT. That's no adorable daughter! That's a zombie daughter—who in her defense, does have pretty hair. Nevertheless, put a bag over her head quick! I can't stand looking at her.

2) Meanwhile back at the prison, Darryl and Maggie race off to find formula for the new baby who really needs to be quiet! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE SHUT THIS BABY UP?? Apparently Rick can't stand it either, because his mind snaps, and he goes off on an unintentionally hilarious zombie killing spree inside the prison. (LOVED that point of view shot, and nice work special effects department!)

3) Back at Woodbury, Michonne is creeped out by the Guv'nah's perfect suburbia—where black people wear pleated cargo shorts? UMMMM, that's a good reason to be suspicious! She pokes around the Guv'nah's apartment, and decapitates their stockpile of zombies... because otherwise BORING, right? She rebuffs the Guv'nah's invitation to join their killing crew, and tries to get Blondie McGunnerson to leave with her—but Blondie refuses, because Blondie is DUMB and ANNOYING. So Michonne rightly says "Sayonara, suckah!"

4) In their search for baby formula, Darryl and Maggie search inside a presumably abandoned daycare—and this is when I had my freakout and said, "Oh no. OH NO. If they go there (and show crawling or toddler baby zombies) I swear to Christ I will stop watching and never watch this show again!!" (I'm not sure why I freaked out so bad about that thought... but I did. I'll ask my therapist about it later.) Anyway, they open up a cabinet, and... EEEEEEEEE!!! Opossum!!! (Which kind of looks like a zombie toddler if you think about it.)

5) It's party night in Woodbury—which actually turns out to be a half-ass staged Bloodsport-style fight involving the Guv'nah's men in a ring of chained up zombies. THIS is what everybody was so worked up about? And Blondie is actually offended by it? Well, color me "immoral" but I thought this was, like, the most boring cage fight EVER. If it's entertainment they're after, they should set up a concert with Zombie Justin Bieber.

6) Rick discovers Lori's body... inside the belly of a zombie! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA! Gross. He blows its head off, stabs its belly a few times, cuts off its feet and makes a pastrami sandwich out of it, shoves a nuclear weapon down it's throat hole, and while he's thinking of another insane thing to do... the phone rings. Rick picks it up, mumbles "Hello," and... CLIFF HANGER! (Who could it be?? I'm thinking it's ATT calling up to bitch about the bill being late.)

7) So there was a lot to hate, love and laugh at in this episode. WHAT DID YOU THINK?? Leave your comments below and let's start chitty-chatting!

Look out!! That vein in my forehead is filled with INSANE and ready to pop!
  • Courtesy AMC
  • "Look out!! That vein in my forehead is filled with 'INSANE' and ready to pop!"