Christ, I love him and he told me no. He up and told me I was family. He said he would kill for me when all I want him to do is live for himself. When I came back everywhere the world was bare, bright bone white. The death of hope drove him away, made him take his laughter and his smiles and his softness and his midnight sighs...Fuck Adele and music and clouds drifting in the sky.
Fuck the sea and trees and the sky and birds, and spotted owls and all the animals that roam the earth. Fuck Marx and Mao, fuck Fidel and Che and democracy and communism. Fuck beer and pot and red ripe tomatoes. Fuck Rand and Jefferson. Fuck the revolution, Fuck freedom, fuck the whole God Forsaken thing, all i want now is for him to give me a chance, and make it harder for him to say no, so my soul can sing.