Comedian Eddie Pepitone is a walking heart attack. A native New Yorker improbably living in Los Angeles, he's a firehose of crankiness whose persona is marked by a quick-to-boil fury at the idiocy of everyone around him. He's also hilarious, much-loved by his fellow comics and diehard comedy fans, and arguably underappreciated by the general public. (He's pretty big on Twitter, though.)

This Friday, an essential new documentary about Pepitone is screening at the Hollywood Theatre. The Bitter Buddha is an absolutely great portrait of the man, full of interviews with comedians like Patton Oswalt, Paul F. Thompkins, and Marc Maron. I really can't recommend this doc enough, whether you're a Pepitone fan or not; it's insightful, hilarious, kinda heartbreaking, and all-around fascinating. Plus, Pepitone and filmmaker Steven Feinartz will be in attendance at Friday's screening.

While he's in town, Pepitone is also playing a one-off late show at Helium tomorrow. The show's at 10, tickets are only $15, and you can buy 'em here.