WARNING: There are traces of fluoride in this week's Letters Section! There's also some dog poop! And sticky nugs! Better wear gloves for this one.

—I guess dentists aren't specifically a demographic we go out of our way to target, but we're glad that Dr. J.T. Eilers, D.M.D., and staff finally read our notorious fluoride article from last year. Especially since they said it's "lovely."

—Alan's glad we looked up former city commissioner Lloyd Anderson to talk about the issues currently surrounding our city's water supply. Us too.

—What's worse: errant dog poop in the park or mislaid used diapers that have been "ripped apart by a coyote" (?) and look like "a jellyfish from a planet far worse than ours." Or is that just a dumb question?

—The revelation that Portland Police officers cuffed a nine-year-old girl last year (and in her bathing suit, no less) inspired taiganaut to refer to the force as "roving bands of armed police with a federally documented problem that involves killing people." BURN.

—Greg writes from the weed wonderland of Washington to watch our asses with regard to growing a personal stash, as Oregon moves forward toward its own inevitable legalization.

—Speaking of weed, wolkenkaiser? Can totally handle it, paranoia and all.