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Another week, another triumph for all things Morrissey, as he tells the Staples Center that meat is, indeed, murder, and they reportedly respond by making their menus all vegetarian the night of the show. OR DO THEY? Controversy!
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With their tough, terrific new album, Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside would like the French to focus more on the "rock" and less on the "abilly."

LISTEN: Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside - "Rockability"
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The dead-flower, drunk-sick pop on Eat Skull's third album started off in a recording studio. It didn't end up there.

LISTEN: Eat Skull - "Space Academy"
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Like a phoenix, Scrimshander rose from the ashes of the late, loved Bark Hide and Horn. And also like a phoenix, Scrimshander has starred in such delightful fare as A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon. Wait, sorry, that was River Phoenix.

LISTEN: Scrimshander - "Forest Fire"
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Last but not least, Pete Krebs is not just a mainstay on the Portland music scene—he's one of its undeniable figureheads. When the guitarist/vocalist/songwriter/bandleader was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, Portland musicians got busy organizing some benefit shows to help with the doctors' bills. Some of these musicians shared stories about Krebs—memories, impressions, recollections, about the man and his music. I could tell you why Krebs continues to be such a vital part of Portland music, but why not let the people who actually play it tell you? (Note: We couldn't fit all of the stories in the print edition, so be sure check out the full version online.)

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