I don't know why you found it necessary to shake your head and cluck your tongue at me as I walked by, but for some reason you just really needed me to know that you had no interest in petting my dog. I didn't stop in the middle of the sidewalk as you approached. In fact, I pulled the leash in closer. So maybe if you weren't walking around with your head up your ass, you would have seen me taking precautions and being a responsible pet owner. And besides, my dog usually likes people and really didn't seem to notice you, so that leads me to believe you must be a really boring person. So next time, if you don't want people to think you're a total jerk, with your boring fleece vest, your boring sandblasted pleated jeans, your boring glasses and your boring sensible sneakers, then maybe you shouldn't treat me, your neighbor, as if I'm trying to be as big of an asshole as you are.