The Buddy Guy show was amazing at the zoo last night. I was a few feet away from a legend in his element ripping solos and telling stories like all great bluesmen do. People were dancing, laughing and smiling-having a great time. Then you came along and put your lipstick smudge on our front row view with your garbage brain, diarrhea, stupid mouth, shit. During one of his stories you interrupted him and yelled, "give me a pick." You interrupted 76 year old Buddy Guy and TOLD him to give you a guitar pick. You are a dumb rat twit bitch with a stupid hat. Buddy Guy is one of the greatest guitar players of all time. Jimi Hendrix was influenced by Buddy Guy, Buddy Guy played and learned from Son House. One of the originators of the blues. He's played with all the greats and has a direct vein to the beginning of blues music. He's a magic man. He was in the middle of telling a story, dropping some serious knowledge on us all. You need to know, you ruined that for everyone with your dim witted, crap tongue, dumb fuck request. You materialistic shitty bitch. He quipped back at you too, dropping the F bomb to express his annoyance with you. You're the equalizer bitch. Everyone was loving it out there and for a moment you were able to equal the mood out for us all and remind us there are still fucktards out there. I hope you got your pick though. x