Yes, I'm a girl. Get over it. I've been doing support for more years than your barely over prepubescent, straight out of college ass has been out of diapers. You don't even know where add and remove programs on windows server 2003 is, you moron, why the fuck are you getting paid more than me? Oh wait It's anathema to use the word "Institutional Sexism" in your vicinity. No, you are not just awkward with girls, most of you are sexist douches. And good god are you kidding me? Are you all so bloody easily threatened that women can't even say, "hey, cornering me in a elevator at 4 in the morning is not a good way to get laid." without spewing death threats? Get over the fact that half my body projects somewhere and Grow the fuck up. I don't deal with that behavior from my 4 year old, and I certainly don't get paid enough to deal with it from you you sad, sad, little men.