...who squirreled her way into my psyche and strategically broke down my confidence: Maybe you hoped I'd continually gain weight throughout my life until it threatened my health as you did.. Maybe you wished I'd hate my professional choices as much as you hated yours.. Maybe your head was really just so far up your ass you could taste your venti sugarfree quad shots on both ends. Whatever your motivation, today, albeit far too long after your torment; I am declaring that I am rubber and you are glue! I am bouncing all of your negativity right back to you. Inside the package may you find a resounding individual FUCK YOU for every time you accepted praise that belonged to me; for every time you built me up in private to degrade me in public; for every time you slammed doors in my face to keep me under your thumb. As a female in business school, I learned extensively of the Glass Ceiling. I was still shocked, however, as no one told me there would be a miserable bitch atop the staircase with a bottle of Windex keeping the glass nice and clean and deceiving.