As embarrassing as it may be, I didn’t mean to send it to you! I received two texts this morning, one being really hot and from the person I wake up to reading good morning from, and then one from you. I woke up kind of late and as I brushed the sleep from my eyes, I merely threw my phone on the bed thinking I would reply later. Thinking I can’t put off replying to the text I first received, I picked my phone back up, still half asleep and replied with utter confidence that the receiver would not only be waiting, but that they would like the text I replied with.

After I hit the send button, I panicked with such embarrassment because my text was sent to you and not the my first text from this morning, below yours. What I am trying to say is; I apologize that you were forced and eye raped to view a specific good morning picture text.

It was not my intention to send you a picture of my junk!