I work all day. 8:30-5:30, a significant amount of it on my feet. The only thing I want to do when I get on my bus ride home, is sit down, listen to my music and maybe read a book. I find that to not be an option however, because on my packed #8, your BAG is taking up a seat. I understand that there isn't much room. I know you may have been at work as well. However, I am relatively positive that you didn't purchase a fare for you, and your carry-on. I don't think it's asking that much, for you to place that purse/backpack/messenger either on the floor or in your own damn lap. Do you not notice all of the people standing? I do, and I find it fucking rude, that I have to deal with your stink-eyes and heavy sighs just because I ask if you can move your worthless crap. I paid good money for that seat, I intend to use it.