Here's a film event that, regrettably, snuck in under our radar: A free double-feature screening of All Superheroes Must Die and The FP at the Mt. Tabor Theater (4811 SE Hawthorne). The FP, as you might remember, was an entirely fantastic flick about teenage gang warfare... except the gangs waged their battles via Dance Dance Revolution.

Now, one of The FP's stars and co-directors, Jason Trost, is showing off All Superheroes Must Die, his film in which a bunch of superheroes are toyed with by a maniacal supervillain. It wasn't screened for critics, but here's the trailer:

Superheroes plays tonight at 7 pm, followed by a Q&A with Trost, and then the Q&A will be followed by The FP. It's 21+ since there's a full bar, and again, it's free—so c'mon. Even without having seen Superheroes, I'll suggest that this would be a pretty excellent way to spend an otherwise crappy Wednesday evening. Beat beat.