(Swift Lounge, 1932 NE Broadway) It's Tuesday: Time to boogie. That's the philosophy at the cozy Swift Lounge, where each week, DJs Mikie Lixx and Gwizski throw down jams in a far more intimate setting than you're used to dancing in, and call it Boogie Tuesday. The dance floor may not be as big as some other venues in town, but there's always room for boogie. MARJORIE SKINNER

(Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside) Youngblood Hawke's "We Come Running" lines itself up perfectly with the kind of empty epicness of gang-vocal pop anthems like fun.'s "We Are Young" and the Journey-with-banjos motif of a majority of the Mumford and Sons catalog. It makes sense, then, that the band would be opening for Keane, one of the most overrated, formulaic, and schmaltzy bands to have ever sold more than 10 million albums worldwide. Their totally safe fourth LP, Strangeland, further removes them from blatant Beatles-lite hacks to synth-crutched pop robots slinging songs destined to bump in every Forever 21 in every country forever. This isn't to say that this show won't be totally sold out, and that everyone in attendance will most likely feel invigorated and cleansed and hoarse. Because the world is, in fact, ending. Slowly. Happy New Year. RYAN J. PRADO