(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) With the release of their third album, Head Down, already generating enormous buzz overseas (it debuted at #1 on the UK rock charts), Long Beach's Rival Sons have suddenly become the new what's-next. Which is interesting, considering that the band is essentially a direct throwback to a hundred million other rock 'n' roll purist outfits. The difference, maybe, is that Rival Sons harness the not-so-effortless swagger of blues and hard-driving rock, and seem to believe in it. Similarly devoted patrons of the bad-boy rock 'n' roll rulebook—say, Buckcherry—came off gimmicky. Here's hoping that Rival Sons' accolades thus far—Jimmy Page is a fan—hold true, and one of them doesn't start dating a Kardashian or something. RYAN J. PRADO