You likely aren't familiar with the Hollywood outpost of the discount retailer Tuesday Morning that resides inconspicuously underground along Sandy Blvd. Go. See. Take the elevator or stairs from the Sandy entrance and hustle hurriedly passed dark corners of abandoned retail space, hoping not to get tackled and bitten by a rabid squatter. Walk the lonely aisles of Tuesday Morning; feeling the oppressive weight of low ceilings, the confusing mishmash of marked-down home goods, and the ghostly presence of a couple employees who simply being there, in the subterranean cavern, makes you question: is this place real or are these just paid actors propping up a small slice of Truman Show-esque charade.....but for who? And for why? One might never know. Please, someone, please develop this lost space, the lower level of Hollywood Market Square, into something that doesn't make a person so nakedly aware of the void in our world. I'm thinking a family fun center: replete with bowling alley, arcade games and a pizza parlor. Please, someone, something, please.