If you're on the hunt for a new favorite TV show, one could be coming around the pike in March. Top of the Lake is a new women-centered crime drama/miniseries that's been favorably compared to Twin Peaks in its quirkiness and violence, and stars Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men) and Holly Hunter, while being directed and produced by the Oscar winning Jane Campion (The Piano). Sweet lineup! It debuts on the Sundance Channel on March 18, and has already been reeling in good reviews... such as this one from the Hollywood Reporter:

The show gets very raunchy at times and also is startling, even shocking, in its spasms of sudden violence. Moss, sporting what one character derisively describes as a Sydney accent, is quietly and observantly superb, and Hunter, sporting straight long white hair and a caustic, cutting attitude toward her gatherings’s problems, is a hoot. The beauty of the surroundings has been gloriously captured, but it always is infected by the moral rot and personal malevolence that the inhabitants have brought to it. To be sure, Top of the Lake presents a dire portrait of the human condition, very much in line with many of the other most popular crime-and-family-driven television series of recent years. It’s also right up there with the best of them.

Check out the trailer—it looks like a winner!