And you totally fell for it, at the Goodwill drop off box this afternoon.

Sitting in my car watching your drop off transaction, while listening to music this sunny afternoon was the greatest idea I had today. I was going to circle around the parking lot, and then I thought about going to the bank real quick. But, I decided to just park, and keep my place in line. And I’m glad I did, because ten minutes later after taking your tax write off receipt (I collect those too) You lifted up your shirt, and let that dirty old non-showered man softly feel your boobs up. Now call me crazy, but I don’t think that guy was your dad. I noticed the age difference, and it got me questioning how you know this man. I don’t think do. He tenderly caressed your breasts, like you were Meals On Wheels People, bringing him a second piece of his favorite kind of pie.

I’m not exactly sure what a toothless, grungy old man says to a complete stranger in her mid-thirties to get her to show him what I suspect are freshly purchased rock hard circle breasts, in a Fred Myers Parking lot. But I sure am the fuck, who’s going back and asking him!

-Because, if it works for that guy!