I commend The Mercury in writing Trojan War! (I'll add!! just because!); what a exquisite example of hackneyed investigative journalism!
I guess this is what I have come to expect from news outlet (source)! What a surprise that there are other brands of condoms produced. I wish these other brands were included- Sir Richards, Proper Attire (Mainly found at Planned Parenthood or the inter-web {please support your local PP!!} )

I'm aware that it was easiest to highlight only the three major brands which could be (somewhat) easily found at drug stores etc. but these other two brands feel and more importantly work ( werk! ) better than those mentioned ( if not better than).

*Outro This reminds me of a sketch on SNL awhile back in which Keenan Thompson speaks of how Kraft is owned by Phillip Morris; as a major corporate company which using their marketing muscle to monopolize the consumer by hurting their wellbeing not only as they continue to smoke but even as they attempt cessation they become obese because of Kraft cheese.
They're going to get you either way I guess; but The Mercury should at least give the masses of ({un} sexually active) consumers some credit of being able to think for themselves. Even though it's more likely choosing the first condom that's at eye level ; sheer laziness or lack of caring whatever it is the (irreversible) debts of not be safe are HIV,STIs, or unwanted pregnancy!