18 months ago this jackass opened his car door in front of my car when I was pulling into a parking space out in Beaverton. The other driver took responsibility on the spot, we exchanged information, talked to our agents, then went our separate ways. Sadly I did not video his confession, being somewhat naive about the bullshit some people will attempt to pull. After the fact, moron decides to lie about what happened, and Farmer's Insurance backed this douche up. After pushing both my insurance company and his insurance company, as well as trying to get the state insurance board to enforce Oregon Insurance law (ORS 811.490) (which they claim they can't do, cut that fucking waste of an agency that can't do shit!!), arbitration came back 100% in my favor. That's right, I am 0% at fault and you, ass clown, are 100% at fault. I guess the arbitration board appreciated my document that mathematically proved that the dimwitted fucktard was lying about what happened. So to the fraudster and his insurance company, I hope you enjoy the taste of my balls dangling in your mouth, figuratively of course, I wouldn't let you nasty fucks within 20 feet of my nut sack. Have a shitty day, I hope you get the shitty, painful, disappointment filled life you so richly deserve. I just hope I see your dumb ass out in Portland some time, cause I am so going to fuck with you.