If I hear the term "dirty hippie" one more fucking time I swear to god I'm gonna mace some CEO with kombucha. You're damn right I smell like patchouly and B.O. (I like the way I smell and so does my girlfriend), that's because I ride my clothes till I say they're good and done and I don't flush 5000 gallons of potential drinking water a year compulsively washing my clothes. (My body, by the way, is very clean - my pussy especially so - but don't worry you'll never get to see it:) You think you smell like peaches and cream? I think you smell like privilege and corruption. You do laundry seventeen times a week and drive a Prius, but you voted for someone who would gladly dig for coal in your back yard - also known as the "en-VI-ron-ment", (you know, the place where water comes from?) - to sell you all that squeaky clean electricity. Meanwhile, me and my "dirty hippie" friends are doing our laundry together and trying to figure out how the fuck we are going to clean up after your ignorant snotty mess so our grandchildren have clean water to bathe in.