Holy shit. This turned out better than I ever could've hoped.

BuzzFeed writes:

"There is only one group to blame," said Christie. "The House majority and their Speaker, John Boehner."
..."Shame on you, shame on Congress," he said, adding later that lawmakers in D.C. are "so consumed with their own internal politics, that they forgot that they have a job to do."
"This is not a Republican or Democratic issue," he said. "We respond to innocent victims of natural disasters not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Americans — or at least we did until last night.

I'm sure we're about to see Democrats announce their undying love for Chris Christie after this video spreads far and wide. Those Democrats should remember that Chris Christie is a dick. Just because he's on the right side this time doesn't make him any less of a dick. He's just a dick who happens to be right.