Did you watch Liz & Dick (starring Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor) on Lifetime last night? Joneser did and live blogged the entire thing! Read it here. Like much of the internet I said some mean things, such as...


And Billy Eichner said this...


And apparently we (and I'm including you in this) hurt Lindsay Lohan's feelings. From Huff Post:

“Lindsay is devastated by the response to the film,” a close friend of the actress tells The Huffington Post. “She has got used to all the negative press around her personal life but this is the first time she has experienced it about her work. No matter how bad things were going for her personally, everyone would always agree that she was a great actress.

You know... I wouldn't say she's a "great" actress. But I will say I loved her more than ever during the scene where a friend tells Liz Taylor, "Richard [Burton] is dead." And without missing a beat, Lindsay goes PLOP! onto the floor. THAT... WAS... BRILLIANT! Relive the brilliance tonight as Lifetime reairs the amazingly terrible Liz & Dick at 8 pm!