A child found a loaded gun in a Tillamook movie theater during a junior high school field trip Wednesday morning to see "The Hobbit." Tillamook Police Chief Terry Wright said it was a small, semi-automatic weapon with a round in the chamber and the safety off.

Had the student picked up the weapon and squeezed the trigger, Wright said, "it could have been catastrophic." But no one was hurt.

[...] Early Wednesday evening, a local man came by the theater to ask if a gun had been found. He told Tillamook Police he noticed his gun was missing after he left the theater Tuesday night. He tried to call the theater but got no answer, so he drove to the movie house in hopes the gun was in the theater's lost and found. He had a concealed handgun license for the weapon.

Of course, had the child picked up the weapon and accidentally shot himself or somebody else, I suppose that would have been a small price to pay in exchange for our freedom to carry concealed weapons into movie theaters.