The Reddit meme Good Guy Greg is a one-note joke: It's a photo of a man smoking a joint, with words demonstrating why he's a good guy published on top and below the man's face. Examples include "Doesn't drink/Doesn't lecture others on why they shouldn't drink" and "Knows you forgot his name/Tells a story where someone says 'Listen, Greg.'" The female version of Good Guy Greg is Good Girl Gina. The things that Good Girl Gina likes to do are pretty different from Good Guy Greg: "Boyfriend works 2 jobs/Waits until 10pm to make dinner so it's still fresh," "Notices you checking her out/smiles and takes it as flattery," "Is a vegan/cooks you a mean Thanksgiving turkey," and "Gives you a blowjob/doesn't expect you to go down on her."

Reddit user LaTeX_Fetish scraped every Good Girl Gina picture and then categorized them. The vast majority of Good Girl Gina photos demonstrate Gina ignoring her wants and needs for a man—either sexually, through media (she prefers watching her man play video games over watching a movie, she decides not to see the Twilight movie because her man wants to see Skyfall) or through cooking. LaTeX_Fetish's full report, including a table demonstrating the percentage of different Good Girl Gina posts is here. This is the summary:

So what can we glean from all this? If someone wants to be a Good Girl, then reddit already has it figured out. A Good Girl is an object to be lusted after. A Good Girl makes sure you're sexually satisfied, either by her or someone else. A Good Girl defies stereotypes, unless they play into your desires, like when she cooks for you. A Good Girl plays your video games and watches your movies, and she'll bring you food and drinks and drugs, but a Good Girl won't talk about any of those things, because she is a Good Girl. And a Good Girl keeps quiet and doesn't rock the boat.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go barf.

Go read the whole thing, please.

(Via The Verge.)