As reported by HOWARD FENDRICH, AP Pro Football Writer: "NFL says it'll meet with tribe about Redskins name"

Is there really a Redskins Tribe? Do the Washington Redskins actually own an Indian as it's mascot? Does the team have some guy dressed up as a native American Indian with red face on to be their mascot, and if so, do they pay him or own him?

The Oneida Indian Nation is campaigning for the Washington Redskins to change their mascot. Are they owning the characterization?

Do they have a point? If so, then what about the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs, NHL's Chicago Blackhawks, or Major League Baseball's Cleveland Indians and Atlanta Braves?

Then what about changing the name of the Multnomah County Court? What should we call it? How about Captain Kangaroo's Playhouse?