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I don't have a dog. This is because I'm not a responsible human and also because I live in a house the size of a West Hills closet.

But I love dogs. I love them. I'm that person who stops in the middle of a serious conversation with a friend to point and ogle a cute dog walking down the street. It doesn't even need to be that cute. Just fuzzy.

I've gotten to the point of puppy-fever where I'm a dog mooch: I specifically patronize businesses where I know there will be dogs outside, so I can spend a few minutes petting other peoples' friendly dogs or, if they're not the petting type, just staring at them while shopping.

So, question: Where is the best place to mooch dogs in this town? Clearly the park with the best dog to area ratio is Couch Park in NW, so that's not even a contest. I'm talking about dog-mooching businesses. I put some of my dog-mooching-business picks into a poll below, but if you have any recommendations, please add 'em in the comments. Happy mooching!