As I walked into the bar one recent fair evening, my sword and I a pair of men were seeing. The look they gave was quite strange but I thought nothing of the exchange and grabbed a drink, joined my friends for the costume party's festive ends. But not ten minutes later the cops arrived and called me outside, party deprived. For twenty minutes they lectured me about open carry and such quite stiffly. I have no problem with the police (they were just keeping the peace), but I ask you this; If you saw ten people in costume show up at a bar, why would you assume the next one with a sword is causing trouble; perhaps you're bored? THE FUCK ARE YOU CALLING THE POLICE FOR you sad excuse for a wimpish whore? Why did you waste my energy and time, and the cops' as well over this non-crime? I have to be the victim just because you lack any and all wisdom. Live and let live is how I was taught but you couldn't do the same, coward distraught. I curse you sir, and I hope your "sword" has trouble for the rest of your days.