Dear sir or madam Yelper,
Perhaps you honestly believe that your own impeccable taste and sensibilities about everything from restaurants to grocery stores to Jiffy-Lubes warrant your self indulgent diatribes. Perhaps you honestly believe that you are saving the world one Yelp at a time. Perhaps it has never occurred to you that the people you Yelp about are in fact people who are subject to good days and bad days with an array of variables involved. Perhaps you are just a huge coward who would rather hide under the veil of anonymity rather than state your grievances to the parties involved. Perhaps you should learn to cook your own damn dinner or change your own damn oil. Quit being such a wimp. If you don't like a place, don't go back. It's as simple as that. Tell your friends about how you were so grossly wronged. Tell your family. Do not slander an entire establishment on a worldwide platform simply because your mellow was harshed or you actually had to wait 15 minutes for a table during Sunday brunch. Get a life.
The entire service industry