Portland is a strange city. Having lived my entire life here, I can certainly understand why people enjoy the different types of people and things to do in this great city. Only our city is beginning to suck. Leaders have ignored serious problems and now our city is in real trouble. Schools are underfunded. This chases away families and small businesses. City services are being shut down. Have to take a shit at the park? Too bad, buddy. Squeeze your cheeks together and either use a tree or a bathroom at a business, if you're real lucky. We are a sanctuary city during the worst economy in recent history. But the real reason why our city sucks is because people don't hold these leaders accountable. They can lie to get elected and then do as they please because they know apathy and liberal extremism allows them to do so. It wasn't always like this. I like to believe this will change but I won't hold my breath. I also won't move. This is my home, no matter how much selfish, inconsiderate zealots have fucked it up for people like me. To the liberals out there: piss or get the fuck off the pot. Just because you CAN fuck things up for a city doesn't mean you should. Just because someone is gay doesn't mean they can run a fucking city. Choose better this election or lose my support forever. Don't be a fucking sheep for shepherds that are leading you off the cliff while we are tied to you. I will cut those ties in a heartbeat. Have a great fucking day.