Dude in white pickup truck dropping off at Laurelhurst this morning... you almost drove over me, and i was being very aware of my surroundings, unlike you. Yes, the street is skinny. Yes, there are lots of kids. And you are an unbelievable asshole. You have a kid that goes to this school, too! You know what sealed the deal for me hating your guts? You didn't even bother to get out and walk your young child across that very street you drove so recklessly on. You just sat in your big, white, "I've got no penis™" truck while your progeny played Frogger, Real-Life Edition. Revolting! Normally I can't stand the uptight vibe sometimes on display at this school, but I was horrified by your belligerent, trashy display. If and when I see you again, I'll mention this to your face because the kids are worth it, damnit.