To the woman on the bus ride home yesterday that yelled "OH MY GOD!!!!" and stood and pointed - causing the bus driver to slam on his brakes, launching all standing bus riders to the floor and creating a panic - people rushing the windows, trying to see what you were "OH MY GOD" ing - yeah, it was nothing. It was a shoeless guy standing in the center lane.
Keep in mind this is the express bus coming straight from OHSU - do you know how many medically trained people went into triage mode? People who just worked 10-12hr shifts sincerely helping people, some in emergency situations?
When multiple pissed off people yelled, "Why did you do that??!!!", you fought back tears and stammered, "I... ummm... I don't know..." I suspect, you were trying to be funny or maybe you didn't intend for such a grand reaction. Nonetheless, fuck you.
It should be an interesting ride home tonight.